How fix ext-mbstring and ext-dom error messages (Ubuntu 16.04)

The ext-mbstring and ext-dom error message is common If you thought you were alone to come across the issue of ext-mbstring and ext-dom while running composer update, take heart. I came across this issue when I was developing locally on a new machine I had installed upgraded to UBuntu 16.04. When I tried to run […]

How to import a mysql database using cmd prompt in XAMPP for Windows

More often than not, having an alternative way of doing things is not only important, it can prove essential in some situations. A good number of developers will prefer to use UI tools such as phpmyadmin to import, export and manage MYSQL/MariaDB databases, but what happens when you can’t have access to phpmyadmin or for […]

Issue : load_textdomain () Not working

Surprisingly, one of the simplest things in WordPress is localization. Unfortunately, I have come across many people having the issue of loading necessary translation files. This post discusses the simplest way  to load translation files in a plugin. STEP 1: In your plugin define the text domain STEP 2: Define the path of the plugin […]

C# .Net MVC : How to save a .vcf with contact information

vCard (.vcf) is a file format for Electronic “business” cards. It can be attached to emails, or other file sharing applications on mobile devices. Recently I have had a project I needed to generate vCards for a company in a dynamic way, using c# /.Net. Surprisingly, the documentation about such an important file format seemed […]