WordPress is without a doubt one of the most successful Open Source PHP Content Management Systems. By some claims, it powers anywhere between 7.8% – 27% of the world’s websites and blogs. This analysis varies from author to author, depending on one’s inclination for the CMS. At Codiiv we believe in creating WordPress Custom Solutions.

  • Custom Installations

    WordPress can be installed as a simple blog platform or can be installed to be a powerful content  management system with or without a themed-interface. It can be installed as a single or multisite environment in which many blogs/websites can be managed from one single point, sharing user information as well as other resources.

  • Custom Themes

    We create WordPress themes cut to fit the needs of your specific application. This can be directly from Designs you have or those we put together for you if need be. We are partners with some individuals on some of today’s great marketplaces such as Envato and Coditiv

  • Custom Plugins

    Like themes, if you need custom functionality for your application, we are here to help. We will need detailed description of what you want and we can work with you along the way. You can check some of these custom plugins in our Portfolio section.